We engage in public education and advocacy year round to ensure smart public policies and robust funding for homeless and housing priorities at the local, state, and federal level.

Three times a year we host Homelessness Advocacy 101 workshops at times that correspond with local, state, and national legislative processes. Through these workshops, attendees learn about programs, policies, and other priority issues currently being discussed by policymakers. We encourage folks to contact their legislators regularly and provide tips and helpful information about priority issues.

In partnership with the Seattle Human Services Coalition and the King County Alliance for Human Services, we identify key issues and organize to educate and influence City of Seattle and King County legislators to support funding for those priorities during local budget cycles. During the Washington State Legislative session, we partner with the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (our statewide sister organization) and the Statewide Poverty Action Network to identify priority issues, engage our members and the public on key budgeting decisions, educate legislators on the importance of adequate and stable funding for homelessness and housing services, and support legislation that will help communities across the state end the crisis of homelessness.

We are also committed to the following annual programs and trainings:

  • Our annual "Helping Homeless Students - McKinney Vento 101" training in August educates public school staff and service providers the educational rights of homeless students as designated by an important federal law: the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act. Through this training we help school staff and service providers understand how to make sure at risk kids can access education no matter whether they have a stable place to call home.
    See our McKinney Vento Informational flier.

  • The Homeless Coalition's Youth Advocacy Summit is a two day event for homeless and at-risk youth and young adults to talk about issues that are most important to them, and to learn and practice advocacy skills. Youth participants learn about how Seattle and King County governments set policies and budgets, identify issues that they care about that are affected by city and County funding decisions and priorities, and meet with elected officials to bring a youth voice to bear on their decision-making. Members of the Coalition's Youth and Young Adults Committee (area social service and housing providers) work with youth participants to shape the summit, and to connect it to on-going advocacy and public education about Seattle and King County budget processes.