Through our four monthly meetings (General Membership and Population Committees), case manager trainings, and special initiatives, the Coalition offers many opportunities for training and professional development to our members.

Staff and volunteers working at our member organizations benefit from networking, training, peer learning, and the chance to lead advocacy and education efforts as part of the Youth & Young Adults, Families with Children, and Single Adult Advocacy Committees. Meetings are a forum for providers and advocates to share information and make connections regionally. Working on issues with staff in other agencies builds relationships and broadens perspective.

Getting involved with Project Cool for Back-to-School and the One Night Count offers opportunities to work with others to carry out large projects affecting hundreds of people. The Coalition offers high quality trainings each quarter that help case managers and direct service providers do their jobs well and stay informed about key issues affecting their clients. The Coalition's "Homelessness Advocacy 101" workshops offer all people the chance to learn effective civic engagement tools and influence public policy at the local, state, and national levels.